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Klaas Coatings global head office operation is based in Sydney, Australia with comprehensive production and R&D facilities serving the Australasian and South East Asia markets with distributors in China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam and UAE.


Klaas Coatings (North America) LLC services and supplies the US and Canadian markets from its extensive production and R&D facilities located in Dallas, Texas.


Klaas Coatings is dedicated to bringing products of high performance and functionality to the architectural coatings market. We believe in quality without compromise.

Our innovative formulations, manufacturing and raw material technology combine to provide excellent long-term durability. A rigorous internal quality control system ensures products meet a consistent standard of high performance and color retention.

Our goal is for our customers to achieve a beautiful aesthetic finish with uncompromised protection for the structures they own or build.

Concern for the environment is important for everyone. We only produce water based materials with minimal VOCs. We also practice efficient manufacturing processes that minimize waste.

By developing products that last longer – that are significantly cheaper for an owner on a “cost of life” basis – less repainting means less cost that also reduces waste of a resource.

Dynamic Products

In a day and age where failed coatings are all too common – fading, chalking and flaking/peeling – Klaas Coatings brings a no compromise approach to the architectural coatings market. Utilizing proven materials and technology, much of it derived from Europe, our products’ performance values set new benchmarks that owners, specifiers, developers and property custodians will identify as providing real solutions for structural protection, long service life with minimal –if not nil – maintenance needs and colors that remain strong and true year in and year out.

Markets We Supply

Our market encompasses above grade concrete, stucco and masonry commercial structures.

miamiTransport Infrastructure
Parking Structures
Office Buildings
Commercial and Retail
Warehousing and Distribution
Sport Complexes
Condominiums and Multi-Family
Tourism Infrastructure
Schools and Colleges
Precast Concrete Manufacturers